Luxembourg Patisseries (VI District)

One afternoon to pamper yourself? we propose a route through the best patisseries at Luxembourg district.After a shopping morning, it’s time to regain strength and what better way than a route through the best patisseries at Luxembourg district!.

A) La Pâtisserie des Rêves

We start our route at La Pâtisserie des Rêves at 93 Rue du Bac. It is quite a show to enter the shop and discover a contemporary decoration with bright colors and elegant lines. The store was founded by pastry chef Philippe Conticini and businessman Thierry Teyssier. Essentials: Charlotte framboise, Millefeuille, Cylan, Grand Cru Chocolat, Saint-Honoré, Chausson aux Pommes, Grand Brioche.


Patisseries - La Pâtisserie des Rêves - Paris, France. Millefeuille Millefeuille – Photo by Min C.


Our favorite, the Grand Cru Chocolat. Ummmmm!!!

Patisseries - La Pâtisserie des Rêves - Paris, France. Grand cru chocolat Grand Cru chocolat – Photo by Austin Y.

Closed on Mondays. 

B) Hugo&Victor

We continue our route through the Hugo&Victor patisserie. It is one of the best patisserie in Paris, perfectly combines traditional recipes (millefeuille of cream, fruit tarts, and, its star, Saint Honoré), with small touches of seasonal products. A curiosity, some of the fruits they use, are collected in their own garden.


Patisseries - Saint Honoré - hugo&victor - traveltoshopping Saint Honoré Vanille-Fraise- Photo by


Don’t forget to try their Macarons, our favorite: Greysha.

Patisseries - Photo of Hugo & Victor - Paris, France. CarteCarte des Macarons – Photo by Mathieu D.

Ah, evening sundays closed.

C) Sadaharu Aoki

Our third stop in our route is in the “boutique” of Sadaharu Aoki. Considered one of the best pastry chefs in the world, his proposal combines Japanese ingredients and flavors with traditional French recipes. Try your Chocoron: macaron coated with chocolate, japanese mochi style.

Patisseries - Chocoron by Sadaharu Aoki Chocoron – Photo by Pinterest

We also recommend the Caramel Cake, the Sesame Éclair and the Yuzu Tartlet.

If you go at Christmas, you can not stop trying the traditional Galette des Rois. There are several flavors, but dare with the most exotic: matcha tea with chestnuts.

Patisseries - Sadaharu Aoki - galette des rois Galette des Rois – Photo by Tokyo Food File

Closed on Mondays.

D) Pierre Hermé

We are halfway through the route and at Rue Bonaparte we arrive at the Pierre Hermé patisserie. We warn you already, you will probably find a queue to enter the patisserie, do not be surprised, you should know that Pierre Hermé is one of the most important “designers” of the French “haute pâtisserie” and his products are in high demand in the city.


Patisseries - colas Pierre Hermé wait line Photo by

Although macarons are the star of their cakes, also try their wide variety of cakes, tarts and chocolates.

Finally, we do not forget his most acclaimed invention: the Ispahan. A cult dessert that combines macarons, roses, lychees and raspberries.


Patisseries - Pierre Herme - ISPAHAN Ispahan – Photo by

Open Everiday.


E) Maison Georges Larnicol

Georges Larnicol’s patisserie is one of the most important gourmet chocolat temples in Paris and also of delicious cakes made with original Bretagne recipes. His most outstanding creations are the Kouign Amann, the Breton Cake, the Macarons and the cookies with different flavors.

The star product of Georges Larnicol is the Kouignette. A sweet puff pastry, very crispy on the edges and soft on the heart. We can taste them in different flavors, but to us ,raspberry was the best by far.


Patisseries - Maison Georges Larnicol - Paris, France - Kouignette Kouignette – Photo by A.E.

If you are already tired, try a couple of Torchettes, energy cookies without fats, with rum, almonds, raisins, seaweed, hazelnuts. They will give you the energy to finish the route !!!.

Patisseries - Maison Georges Larnicol - Les torchettes Torchettes – Photo by Marie P.

Open Everiday.

F) Un Dimanche à Paris

Three generations precede chocolatier Pierre Cluizel and laid the foundations of two floor design patisserie, located in a quiet and peaceful pedestrian street. This is our sixth stop in our route.

Patisseries - Un Dimanche à  Paris - Éclair chocolat. Éclair chocolat – Photo by Lily Z.

Specialist in chocolates, his exquisite and extensive menu goes from the classic Éclair de Chocolat to the Macaron Coquelicot, passing through the Tartelette Framboise-Estragon or the Chou Pistache Fruits Rouges, simply exquisite.


Patisseries - Chou pistache et fruits rouges Chou pistache et fruits rouges – Photo by Lili

Closed on Mondays.

G) Ladurée

Pastry shop founded in 1862 that is currently part of the Holder Group. The Macarons were born here. Now they are manufactured on a large scale and exported worldwide.

According to “le Figaro” the best puff palms are made in Ladurée. Test them and decide!


Patisseries - Palmier - Larudée Palmera – Photo by

You can taste the “classic” Coffee Macarons, Pistachio and Vanilla along with more daring ones like licorice or lime with basil.


Patisseries - Macarons - Ladurée Macarons – Photo by Wikipedia

Open Everiday.

Distance Travelled: 2,5 Km

Estimated time: One afternoon…. or two.

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