The Tridente

First time in Rome, where do you start?

It’s your first time in Rome, where do you start?
Find what they call “The Trident.” It is not a statue, nor a fountain … In Rome it is called that way to the route that crosses the essential via Condotti, via Borgognona, via Frattina and all the area around the Plaza de España

We start the route on the Via Condotti, just around the corner we have the Prada store and a little further on the stores of Gucci, Bvlgari and Cartier is not a bad start !!!

Although we have just started, if you feel like it, you can make a stop along the way to have a drink in the famous Caffé Greco, inaugurated in 1760 and very popular in the 19th century by Sthendal, Goethe or Byron. As a curiosity, look for the number 11, in that house lived the inventor of the radio, Marconi.

We continue further on and on the corner with Via Mario de Fiori we find the Louis Vuitton store and just in front of the Armani store. On the same sidewalk, a little further on, Salvatore Ferraguno and just in front Max Mara. Also, a few meters further on, you will find the shop of Jimmy Choo, Hermès, Burberry, Hermenegildo Zegna and finally Tiffany’s, already on the corner with Via Belsiana.

We continue, on our last stretch of the Via Condotti, to reach the Dolce & Gabanna store and continue to the corner of Via del Corso to end with the Swarovski store. We continue along Via del Corso and turn left again to begin the second part of our route, Via Borgognona.

The Via Borgognona, has significantly fewer stores of international luxury brands and, although in the last section we can visit the store of Stella McCartney, Gucci , Roberto Cavalli andBalenciaga , but that’s why you should stop visiting it, as we can also find other brands with an excellent reputation in Italy.

Brands like Niki Nika , Malo , Herno , Colombo , Eddy Monetti , Brunello Cucinelli , Marina Rinaldi, Les Copains , Blumarine , Fratelli Rosetti , will be the ones who accompany us on this tour.

As you go along the Via Borgognona we recommend that you observe the beautiful neoclassical façades of the 18th century.

And we have reached the final part of the route. We leave the Via Borgognona to the Piazza di Spagna, turn right, pass in front of the Embassy of Spain and continue straight 50 meters until you reach the corner of Via Frattina, our last destination.

As we go down Via Frattina we will find the shops of Elena Miró , Elisabetta Franchi , Hugo Boss, Trussardi, Max Mara, Liviana Conti , Patrizia Pepe , Flavio Castellani.

A small addition, if we continue to the end of the street, we cross the Via del Corso towards Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina, we will end our tour visiting the shops of Louis Vuitton and, almost at the end of the Piazza right next to the Carabinieri , the always recommended Bottega Veneta .

Distance Traveled: 1.25 km

Estimated time: 2 hours.

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